Develop, Deploy, and Approve Models 10x Faster

Customer Success

Approve more loans while also reducing risk


In a customer engagement, Stratyfy was was able to increase model approvals by over 140%, while also reducing the expected default rate

Why do Data Scientists Love Stratyfy?

Data scientists often spend days developing models and waiting for results, only for most models to never get used. Not to mention the complexity of today’s AI makes implementation a daunting and labor intensive task. Stratyfy succeeds where most AI solutions fall short!
Domain Expertise

Stratyfy allows ML and domain expertise to work hand in hand, so data scientists can mitigate bias and scale their  expertise while letting the machine take over the mundane tasks.


Our Streamlined process and dynamic ability to add continuous data to models, enables teams to actually use the models they spend time developing: Easy backtesting, Side by side comparisons and
Model gallery & governance.

Fit to Business Strategy

When needed, Stratyfy has a mining engine that will help find rules for you. From there, you can develop further rules that fit the needs of your business’s strategy.


Stratyfy’s flexibility and intuitive platform means implementation is easy and models are deployed and approved in days not months.

Human Readable Rules-based 
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Confusion Matrix 
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