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Reduce bias and give compliance teams the assurance they need

Customer Success

Approve more loans while also reducing risk


In a customer engagement, Stratyfy was was able to increase model approvals by over 140%, while also reducing the expected default rate

Why do Compliance Teams Love Stratyfy?

Machine learning based models are often hard to explain and interpret—and even more challenging to control. Some are so complex it is impossible to know what generated an outcome, and data is often full of bias, which means it’s impossible to be sure that an outcome is compliant. Stratyfy delivers an AI solution that eliminates these risks:
Bias Mitigation

domain expertise allows data scientists to account for biases in data and our Probabilistic Rules Engine mitigates bias in models.

Interpretable Transparency

at every step of the process and the ability to apply real time business intelligence allows Stratyfy to provide compliance teams an unparalleled ability to explain outcomes.


Automated documented models mean you can clearly demonstrate to a regulatory agency exactly how and why outcomes were decided. Automated report generation saves time and energy.

Intuitive UI

Visualization makes communication between data scientists and compliance clear and seamless.

Case Level Expectations
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Bias Engine
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