Stratyfy was born out of our own experience with the frustrations of working with cumbersome heritage risk assessment and analysis tools. We  know the pains of trying to work with a model that doesn't speak the language of your business or problem. We knew the market needed a better approach. One that allowed experts could create accurate, powerful models that users can understand and control. That is what we built.

With Stratyfy, users can easily leverage all their knowledge to build, test, manage and deploy non-linear, non-monotonic predictive models that accurately identify and quantify risk. Quickly and easily adjust model parameters to factor in human insights, capitalize on new opportunities and ensure regulatory compliance.

Stratyfy is built to empower teams throughout your organization - business leaders, data scientists and compliance professionals - with the information they need in a format they can understand, so they can actually use it. Stratyfy's intuitive platform is easy to use, shortening time to value and delivering data-driven insights throughout your organization.